Tally Prime for Food and Agriculture Industry 


You can record accounting entry in TallyPrime using various voucher types for different transactions like payments, receipts, sales, purchase, and others.

Some Of Our Clients  :

1) Janta Udyog

2) H K Krishi Seva Kendra

3) H K Crop

4) Neelam Food Products

5) Vanita Foods

6) Jaanvi Foods Company

7) Airavat Food Industries

8) Mangal Krupa Food Products

9) KRJ Foods Pvt Ltd

10) Sancheti Family Foods (I) Pvt.Ltd

Testimonial :

Sancheti Family Foods (I) Pvt.Ltd

Spices wholesalers

Thank you for offering up your tally service and on-time help to others do their role better through sharing your knowledge, like sharing your insights with the sales team so they could better understand customer needs and with the Support Team for Great Service 


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